I want to thank you for all your help and doing whatever is necessary to see that I am satisfied with your product.
Going the extra distance is much appreciated. There are still a few businesses around that will do that however that number seems to continue to dwindle I'm sorry to say. I guess I don't have to tell you that I've already sent a customer to you that did purchase a pair of aids and I will continue to do so.

Best regards,
H. C. - Manteno, IL
The Triano SP (super-powered) hearing aid filters out background noises and is superior to any other hearing aid I have ever had.
I hear better even though "I am not supposed to", according to many other hearing professionals I have dealt with.

A.B. - Bellevue, WA
I've lived on a farm most of my life, and have ordered twice from LLoyds. For me it was a godsend!

Mrs. H.S. - McVeytown, PA
I received my first aid in November. It worked fine but developed a damaged case. I returned it the latter part of January and was really surprised and pleased to receive a brand new aid that works even better in less then 3 weeks.

Thank you for a great product and super service.

Thank you,
Thanks for the vent plugs. I got them today and put one in. Everything is working GREAT!! You did an amazing job for me. Thanks a million. We had band practice tonight and the hearing aids worked fine.
Thanks again for all of your help. I ordered the Dri and Store kit to keep these aids in good shape.

Thanks again,
C. C.
I love my hearing aids! Oh my!
I wear them 10-12 hours a day and have had a great deal of fun hearing some new things I hadn't heard in awhile.

I had to wear the one in my left ear for only about 4 hours a day to start with, as I was simply overwhelmed by hearing sound in that ear after so long with having NOT. I can't thank you enough for making "hearing better" affordable for me!

I also had a great number of questions, and custom ear mold attempts X 2! Thank you for your patience and courtesy. You have all been "top notch". Consider this customer extremely satisfied!
D.P. - Frederick, MD
I have had my Hear & Go for over 15 months now. I can't tell you what an improvement it has made in my life.
From board meetings to the golf course it works great. Thank you for such a great product. I will be ordering one for my other ear very soon.

M. H.
I just ordered another hearing aid from your company. Just wanted you to know that you have a great product. I lost the first one and needed to have the other one replaced. This time I ordered it to be here in 2 days. Thank you for such a good product.

L. B. - King, NC
My wife says I hear better than I have in 20 years! :) These are working well, and very comfortable!

I do appreciate all of your help! For the first time in 20 years, I have aids that are comfortable, and I can hear with.

Thanks for everything!

Steve S., RN - Lincoln, NE
Model E-390
I am so pleased with my new hearing aids. I have missed out on so many sounds! It's so easy to use and fits great. I particularly like the price. Most audiologists I spoke to told me my hearing was "too bad for any aid to help" and then wanted to charge me $5000 for one aid! Lloyds has such helpful service too! Thank you for giving me the pleasure of hearing my child again!
I just wanted to advise those who are wondering if this site is reputable. It is. I have had my hearing aids since July 2005 and they are great. Lloyd's directed me to the aids I needed, not the ones I wanted and I have great aids for a lot less than the name brand I wanted. I had an issue where one of my aids did not fit exactly good, and Lloyds immediately sent me another kit to redo the mold. I got my aid back extremely fast. Lloyd's did what they said they would do and the service was better than expectations.

Did you know that your website is awesome and very unique? Most of the other sites I have visited online do not show pictures of hearing aids and the price at the same time. In fact, most of the websites don't even let you know if you are looking at shell, behind the ear, or completely in canal. Who wants to buy a "pig in a poke"? Thank you so much for your well organized website.

S. S.
I must respond by saying thank you to you and your company for being so accommodating and willing to got the extra mile to help insure that my order is filled!!!! You can be certain that you will be highly recommended by me! Most vendors would not consider the extent of service that you have proven to me that you are willing to provide! Thanks again!!!

Best Regards,
I love this hearing aid! I am hearing things I have never heard before. I have had hearing aids all my life and none matches this one...I mean none. I have had Beltone and they do not come close. Thank you so much!

P. M. - Albuquerque, NM
I am so pleased with my hearing aid, it's like hearing for the first time. I dropped a dog cookie on the floor and heard it hit the linoleum!!! I went to my physical therapy session this morning and didn't have to ask my therapist to repeat his instructions over and over again. I can hear my favorite music and it sounds WONDERFUL. I'm already planning on purchasing another.

You cannot imagine what you have done for me. You've changed my life. I will never be able to thank you enough!!!

N.C. - Ellington, CT
I just want to say how much I appreciate your company and the service I've received. Not many companies are out there like yours today. My hearing aids (Rexton Energy CIC) are great, and at a fraction of the cost I'd have paid an Audiologist. All aspects of the Rexton aids equal or exceed what I've experienced in other brands costing much more. Working with Erika and Andy has been one of the most satisfying purchasing experiences I can remember ever having. Thanks!

-John B.
I want to thank you for your fine service. You recentely send flex tubes for my hearing aids, no charge. I will recommend your company to all of my friends and relatives. Again thank you very much, great company.

-James S.
I have spent thousands of dollars on hearing aids and I was never really happy with them. I received a Lloyds catalog in the mail and I sent a them a recent hearing test to Lloyds and later purchased two hearing aids. They are BETTER than any previous aids I ever owned. They were also significantly less costly. Careful attention was given to every aspect of my order and I am completely happy with the hearing aids. The product was superior as was the customer service and the knowledge of the professional and hearing aid dispenser staff at Lloyds. I would recommend Lloyds to anyone as a great company with great staff and great products and more than fair prices.

This testimony was not solicited. Jim J., Brooklyn NY
Lloyds is the place if you are in the market for hearing aids and you like saving money! Having spent thousand of dollars in the past years locally, I decided to try the itnernet to purchase the new digital aids behind the ear type! I will begin by saying how pleased I am. My hearing loss is moderate to severe, with my new hearing on a scale from 1-10 my hearing is a 9(nine). Ordering on the internet is so easy, Lloyd's site is so easy to use and customer service was wonderful! A special thanks to Erika who can answer any question you may have!

-Alice R.
KUDOS to the whole staff. Great service, very, very fast delivery. You people are the best.
-- Cal M., Hayward, CA
Okay, after using the EZ-Dri or whatever it’s called (edit: Dri-Aid Kit, cannister version), I want to report that the sound is clearer and louder, volume knob response has not been a problem at all, my credit rating’s up twenty points, and I think I grew about an inch taller. Oh, and the neighbor’s dog quit barking all night. Great product. Thanks. Joshua D.

Thank you for the wonderful attention given to my order. I am well pleased with the Model A675 aids I recently purchased and look forward to the new Oticon's. I have several "HOH" friends that wear various makes of hearing help and the consencus is that the Oticons win hands down. I am looking forward to wearing them and can judge for myself. I will have to be satisfied with what I get as I'm in permanent bondage to hearing aids. Thank you for helping in my hearing needs over the years. Also for making hearing help affordable!.......Glenn B.
Thank you for getting my parts for my sons hearing aid to me so quickly. We appreciate it and even in the middle of a terrible snow storm. I will keep your website handy and refer anyone I can. Than you again! Kathleen S.
Just wanted to let you know I LOVE my hearing aid (Custom Digital Mini-Canal)!! Such a relief to me and everyone else that they don't have to repeat themselves 50 times before I understand what they're saying. The unit is also very comfortable!! Thanks, Deb L.
Hi Andy and Erica,
Just a note to thank you for getting my hearing aid to me so quickly. I'm in heaven now that I can hear again. It works perfectly and no adjustments needed. Thanks you again for all your prompt help and concerns. I love LLoyd's Hearing and will be a returning customer. I'll spread the Word!
Best Regards,
Manuel & Pat L., Arvada, CO
Thank-you for your wonderful customer service……we need more companies like yours in our country…….Lainey
I live in Florida. After years of being dissatisfied with what was offered locally in my price range, poor quality and poorer customer service, I discovered Lloyds on the internet. Wow! There are no words to express how happy I am. Their staff worked with me, long distance, until I was completely satisfied. They are so caring and knowledgeable. Don''t be afraid to order on line because they stand behind their products 100%. It''s not a problem if you need to do some adjusting. They are absolutely great about having you send it back until its adjusted perfectly. And the fact that mine required adjustment was not their fault. Remember the people with the crummy attitude, well the also gave crummy hearing test. In this day and age Lloyds is a rare gem.

Janet L., Palm Harbor FL
The aids I bought worked great from the minute I put them in. I went to a smaller ear piece after about 6 months and the comfort improved. I forget I have them in.

Wife, kids, fellow workers all remind me if I don''t have them in. It''s just that clear a difference.

Had a few friends that have more pricey hearing aids tell me they hate me, under their breath. Oooops. I heard that.

Thomas B., Plainfield, IN
I also purchased the remote control and that makes the hearing aid complete. The remote is much easier to use than fumbling with the buttons on the hearing aid. Yes, it's a nuisance to carry around and the fear of losing it if you use the belt clip but it's worth it. The hearing aid I chose, at Andy Palmquist's recommendation based on my hearing test results, is the Joy X-Mini RIC, and I leave it on program #2 most of the time. Program #2 seems to be a good all around program for most situations. All hearing aids are very pricey but I feel Lloyds gives good quality hearing aids at a fair price and they stand behind their products.

Jim D., Murrells Inlet, SC
I want to tell You that i like my hearing aid much. It fits very good, and my hearing is perfect!

Sigmund N., Norway