Questions to Ask Before you buy a hearing aid, ask your audiologist these important questions:
  • Are there any medical or surgical considerations or corrections for my hearing loss?
  • Which hearing aid design is best for my specific hearing loss?
  • What will the total cost of a hearing aid by for ME?
  • Is there a trial period to test the hearing aids? What fees are nonrefundable if they are returned after the hearing aids trial period?
  • How long is the hearing aids warranty? If possible how much does it cost to extend the warranty?
  • Does the warranty cover future maintenance and repairs?
  • Can the audiologist make adjustments and provide servicing and minor repairs? Will loaner aids be provided when repairs are needed?
  • What instruction does the audiologist provide?
  • Can assistive devices such as a telecoil be used with the hearing aids?

What Problems Might I Experience While Adjusting to My hearing aids?

  • Become familiar with your hearing aid. Your audiologist will teach you to use and care for your hearing aids. Make sure you practice taking out the hearing aid and putting it back in, adjusting the hearing aids volume control, cleaning the hearing aid, identifying both left and right hearing aids, and replacing the hearing aid batteries the audiologist present.
  • The hearing aids may be uncomfortable. Ask the audiologist how long you should wear your hearing aids during the adjustment period. Don't forget to ask us how to test your hearing aids in situtations where you have problems hearing, and adjusting the volume and/or program for sounds that are way to soft or way to loud for you.
  • Your voice may sound too loud. This is called the occlusion effect which is common for new hearing aid users. Your audiologist may or may not be able to correct this problem; however, most people get used to it over time.
  • Your hearing aid may "whistle." When this happens, you are experiencing feedback, which is caused by the fit of the hearing aid or by the buildup of earwax or fluid. See your audiologist for adjustments.
  • You may hear background noise. Keep in mind that a hearing aid does not completely separate the sounds you want to hear from the ones you do not want to hear, but there may also be a problem with the hearing aid. Discuss this with your audiologist.