Rexton Calibra 2 PRO Free-D

Detalles del Producto:

Fully Digital 7-Channel Open-Fit Behind-the-Ear Instrument

For Mild to Moderate & Ski Slope High Frequency Hearing Losses


Calibra PRO digital hearing instruments are designed with the knowledge that not everyone wants the same thing from their hearing aid. Some people look for the flexibility of manual control, while others prefer a fully automatic aid that changes volume and settings based on the surrounding environment. The Calibra PRO family offers 2 levels of hearing instruments.



Product Highlights:



  •  Data Logging - collect information on hearing preferences such as duration of use, volume changes, and program usage that can be used for more accurate future programming needs 
  •   Automatic Directional Microphone (optional programming feature) - when the automatic directional microphone mode is activated, the Calibra PRO will choose the most appropriate microphone configuration to supply maximum confidence and comfort to you 
  • Energy Smart High-Speed Feedback Cancellation - virtually eliminates any feedback (whistling) but only runs when needed to reduce unnecessary battery drain
  •  Open-Fit Design - this is the most natural and comfortable style available. The special vented ear piece allows your ear canal to remain open-feeling, and you will not experience occlusion (the sensation that your ear is plugged or that you are talking into a barrel). Also the compact design of the BTE, paired with the thin tube, allows this type of instrument to be the most discreet BTE style available.



    Standard REXTON Calibra 2 PRO Free-D BTE Features:


  •  For mild to moderate & ski slope high frequency hearing losses
  •  Programmable, 7-channel digital signal processing
  •  4 compression channels
  •  4 frequency bands
  •  Dynamic noise reduction – enables optimal hearing in diverse listening environments based upon your unique lifestyle
  • Personalized sound profile management, microphone and environment management
  • Data logging
  • Microphone noise reduction
  • Directional microphone, with the choice for automatic microphone selection mode
  • Energy smart high-speed feedback cancellation
  • Natural loudness compensation
  • Up to three individual listening programs
  • NO manual volume control wheel
  • Push-button control to cycle through your individual listening programs
  • Telephone coil (t-coil)
  • Size 13 battery
  • Available Colors -- beige, brown, grey, silver







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    Rexton Calibra 2 PRO Free-D 5 stars out of 5 based on 1 user reviews.
    Rexton Calibra 2 PRO Free-D Reviewed by Scott . on March, 26 2009 Rexton Calibra 2 PRO Free-D The hearing aid I just purchased works wonderful. It has helped me keep from yelling at other people and be able to hear tv without the volume way up.

    The only problem was the ear tubing from the hearing aid was wrong . I ordered for a right ear and got left ear tubing.
    Called Lloyds and they said they would send tubing for the right ear.